About Twistavants

Twistavants, a beloved local fixture in Lubbock, Texas, was first established in 1990.

Known for our vibrant range of dozens of unique candle scents, we delight in creating captivating olfactory experiences that speak directly to the heart and home. As creators and innovators, we infuse passion, creativity, and integrity into every candle we handcraft.

Twistavants was successfully operated by the original founders for 24 years until its closure in 2014. We are happy to announce our plans to re-establish the name, rising anew in 2023 under new ownership (we are not affiliated with the previous business but share the mission of quality candle-making).

At Twistavants, we believe in the transformational power of scent to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and provide comfort. With every Twistavants candle, you’re not just bringing light into your space, but warmth, personality, and a spark of joy.

As we embark on this new chapter, we’re committed to forging new bonds with those discovering us for the first time. We look forward to brightening your world, one candle at a time.